My new project - a book about SCTP

A few people mentioned that there are not much resources about SCTP on the Internet besides my blog. This makes me just a little proud and a bit sad at the same time. SCTP is not at all popular but it is used a lot in the Telecom world and I believe it deserves its spot online. Looks like my posts sort of do the job, but it is not the best reading experience one can get. For this reason I decided to convert the posts to a book and in this post I want to share with you some details about it.

Why bother with writing a book? Posts do the job just fine?

This is probably true for the most of the people. However the posts are written from a developer for developers and they focus on the information. The style is bad, the graphics are mediocre at best. I want to take this content one step further and make it a nice read!

What will be in the book?

The book will include:

Will the content differ from the blog posts?

Yes and no. Most of the information will be the same, but it will be edited (and probably rearranged) so that it will be more consistent. Bottom line - almost the same information, presented in far better way!

Of course the unpublished content initially will be only in the book.

Hardcopy or e-book?

It will be an electronic book - PDF and EPUB version.

Okay, I want to know more. How can I stay in the loop?

I've created a newsteller on MailChimp and at this point it will be completely dedicated to the book. If you are interested - subscribe! I promise I won't spam you - you'll receive no more than one e-mail per week from me with news about the book, preview chapters, etc. You could even influence my work - I will involve the subscribers with any decisions I have to make during the writing.

If you want to help me, please spread the word about the book and share a link to the mail list. The more subscribers I get, more confident I am that my work is valued.

Click here to subscribe to the newsteller!


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