SCTP in Theory and Practice - my new e-book

I am glad to share that the e-book I wrote about in my last post is almost finished. I expected to finish it a lot faster as I already had the blog posts, but writing is not an easy job, especially when you do it for the first time. But luckily my book is almost ready and I will launch it on Leanpub by the end of the month.

EDIT (28.04.2020): The book is already published on Leanpub.

SCTP in Theory and Practice

This is the title of the book. It is around 120 pages long and contains 11 chapters which more or less follow the posts in this blog. You can see the page of the book on LeanPub here. You probably wonder what is changed? In nutshell:

  • Huge part of the text is rewritten to be easier to read, shorter (where possible) and with consistent style.
  • All the diagrams are changed with better looking ones.
  • Topics are rearranged in more logical order.
  • All the sample code from hands on chapters of the book is rewritten. Actually this is the biggest change in the book. The old code contained a lot of chunks which were needed but not related to SCTP. The new version has these parts reworked and separated from the essential SCTP client/server code. As a result the code samples are shorter and I hope easier to follow and understand.
  • And of course thanks to being an e-book you can read the material offline in epub, mobi or PDF.
  • In the previous post I promised to include unpublished bonus material in the book. Unfortunately the additional material I want to write about is still not good enough so I won't include it in the book.

At this point I don't plan paper version of the book. This is my first writing so probably I made some mistakes that I want to fix fast easy and free. Keeping the book in e-version only makes it easier to make fixes and add chapters on the go. And thanks to Leanpub you have to purchase the book only once and you will receive all updates for free afterwards.

Getting the book

You can purchase the book on Leanpub here.


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