who am I

My name is Tsvetomir Dimitrov. I am a network applications developer specialised in telecom protocols.


To get my job done I need to use different tools, libraries, programming languages, etc. As a hint about my skills I provide a short list with technologies I use for one typical project:

  • Programming languages like C, C++ and Python.
  • System libraries like pthread and POSIX sockets.
  • Boost C++ libraries, especially boost::asio.
  • Operating systems, like Debian/RedHat based Linux distros and FreeBSD.

Nowdays you can't be a good software developer without some specific domain knowledge. I have specialised in telecom software and especially network protocols implementations. Here is a list with some protocols I have got experience with:

  • SCTP transport protocol.
  • Sigtran protocols, like M3UA and SCCP.
  • TCP/IP protocol suite.

The description on this page is really short, so if you wonder if I can be useful for a specific project, please get in touch with me.

getting in touch

Write me an e-mail to tsv.dimitrov@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Or find me online: