rpcap becomes tranqap

In my previous post I announced a project of mine which I use to collect PCAP files from remote machines. I will not go in too much details about it, if you are interested - check the blog post. I named the project rpcap (from remote pcap) and as it was for my personal use I didn't check if the name was not already used.

As you probably have already guessed, the name is used even for a project doing similar thing. I will not go into to much details about the original rpcap project either, so if you are interested - go check its website.

Long story short - I needed a new name. And it is tranqap. It comes from the French word tranquille (which means "calm, quiet, peaceful") and of course PCAP. I truly hope that this new name holds true for the real purpose of the project - to make network traffic captures tranquille.

Check out tranqap.com for the updated links to source code and documentation.


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